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Nancy Neal Elementary School9

Mansfield, TX | Tarrant County

August 11, 2013

The school has had 3 principals in 3 years, with v/prin and prin both leaving so 2013/2014 year will see new people at the helm. That is wrong and unfair to our kids. Mansfield ISD as a whole is not "up" on allergy awareness or able to implement an immediate action plan. The Director over this is not instrumental in resolving this, even when it poses a district wide issue. Kids safety is paramount. Teachers should not expect gifts or meals- during test times( really). They are being paid to do a job and as such should concentrate their efforts there, on educating and providing a safe environment. It depends on whose class you get as to the quality of the instruction and how many problematic children are in your childs class as the past year was the 2nd in a row a disruptive child took away education time for all the rest due to his daily outbursts and behavior. Some teachers are great but school continuity is lost with 3 principals in 3 years. ( and a great teacher can only do so much with disruptive child). Principal wise it will take3- 6 months to get comfortable in your new role and learn the children , little alone implement improvement, so the District has let us down here.

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July 9, 2012

This is a new school that just finished its first year. The MISD loaded this school with top rated administration and teachers. We could have not asked for a better school for 2011.

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