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Lakeridge Elementary School6

Cedar Hill, TX | Dallas County

June 24, 2014

I am both a parent and a teacher in the district. My son has a learning disability and did well at LakeRidge. I was happy that he was held to a high standard behaviorally. Mrs. Syverson was an exceptional partner in helping my child adjust and succeed in Advanced Academics. I will be sending my second child to LakeRidge this fall with no hesitation. I agree that District-wide, the disciple measures and procedures need to be standardized so that kids and parents understand what the expectations and consequences are for unacceptable behaviors. Parental communications need improvement, and parents need to be given greater notification of the resources and ways they can become involved. As a teacher, we NEED moms and dads on campus and ideas on how to strengthen the ties between us. We love these kids and pour almost all of our professional and personal time and money into them. We beg administration for more time to work with them and more resources to meet their diverse needs. LakeRidge is full of peokple who do the same!

January 12, 2013

This is a great school I went there for my whole elementary life and feel that now that I am entering 7th grade next year that the school environment made me the A student I am. Go LRE Tornadoes!

April 20, 2012

stay away from CHISD, not a good school district for your kids. parent involvement is great but teachers forget why they became teachers in the first place. put our children first. stop complaining about your paperwork.

Submitted by a parent

April 28, 2011

I have been with the Lakeridge E. for at least 3 years. I would like to disagree with the comment against Mrs Syverson. Two of my children also in advanced academics have gone through her class. I think she is a wonderful teacher. She encouraged my children to be the best and they are still excelling after moving on from her class. She is friendly, very personable and communicates well with parents. That was my experience with her twice with 2 different kids.

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April 27, 2011

My experiences with this school is way far from satisfactory: my special need children have experience a great deal of problems as well as harsh discipline, which I found unprofessional and a great deal of concerns for our children. I think parents who have experience any uncomfort with the staff ways of disciplining their behavior problem children, should highly report their complaints. Most complaints from this school would probably be from how the school deals with children who have emotional and behavior problems: Otherwise, the school would be great for children of normal behavior. The whole district has a zero behavior policy, which discriminates against those students diagnosed with behavior disabilities. This school seemly needs deep investigation of how it's trained to deal and handle students with behavior problem disabilities. If you or your child never experience these problems, it would be judgmental to dictate to parents like myself as not knowing what we are talking about. If a pole was sent to every parent who have children with these problems, you will be surprise at the district's ratings.

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August 23, 2010

We spent 2009-2010 at this school. We came from a private school and was apalled with the unprofessionalism of one of my childs teacher Mrs. Syverson. I partnered with several other parents who had the same issue. We were suppose to be in Advanced Academics but the class didn't seem to be challenging at all yet often confusing. Since we were only here one year I'm not for sure of the other teachers. Everything else seemed to run ok. Wasn't crazy about the afterschool onsite program. Unfortunately several of the students who attend this school are bused in from other neighborhoods. Therefore your getting some kids with a lot of behavioral problems. I'm glad to say we've moved on to a much better charter school.

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August 13, 2010

We had a very disapointing time at Lakeridge E. and I'm so thankful to be out of Cedar Hill ISD. The teacher quality was poor and uninspiring, and communication with parents was lacking. The parent involvement was the only posivite at Lakeridge. Unfortunately, a rating of "Academically Acceptable" with a 4 is what the school deserves.

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May 22, 2009

Lake Ridge is an excellent school. Our daughter has been there for 3 years and she is excelling. The GT program is wonderful. So are the faculty and staff.

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April 17, 2008

No middle class? This is a public school, if your are in the district you can attend this school. So that should not be an issue concerning how well you like a school. This is a wonderful school, great teachers and administrition.

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March 26, 2008

I have had two daughters to attend Lakeridge. There are great teachers there that really care about the children's education. The parents are so involved and the children are so into learning and developing as model students for the years to come.

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January 10, 2006

Great teachers,students & parents. Unfortunately,there are no so-called middle class family in this school, either from 400K homes or family in need of fedaral support.Should have children from versatile background and neigborhood.Not well balanced. Over all great school. Recommend.

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